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Borneo Fairyland Travel & Tour Sdn. Bhd.

Batang Ai National Park


Duration 3 Days / 2 Nights
Departure daily 9 am
Price RM 1,500 per person (min. 2 persons)

The Batang Ai National Park is located about 250 km from Kuching and is home to one of the world's most endangered species, the Orang Utan. Besides that it also being home to other primates, including Bornean Gibbons, White-fronted Langurs, Maroon or Red Langurs, Long-tailed Macaques, Pig-tailed Macaques, and the nocturnal Western Tarsier and Slow Loris. Other mammals include the rare and elusive Clouded Leopard, two species of Civet Cat, Sun Bears, Bearded Pigs, Barking Deer, Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer, Martens, Weasels, Otters, Porcupines and Giant Squirrels, as well as a host of smaller squirrels, other rodents and Tree shrews. With the exception of the macaques, most of these animals are shy and hard to spot. Five of Sarawak’s eight hornbill species are found in Batang Ai, including the spectacular Rhinoceros Hornbill, Sarawak’s state bird. Ground birds include the Great Argus, Bulwer’s Pheasant, Crested and Crestless Firebacks, Crested Partridges, Garnet Pitta, Sunda Frogmouth and Nightjars. Amongst the other birds present are three species of forest Kingfisher, a number of small Kites and Hawks. Besides being home to many other protected wildlife, this park is also a water catchments area to Sarawak's only artificial lake. This huge lake stretches up the Engkari and Ai valleys. The dam is part of the Batang Ai Hydro-Electricity Complex. Beyond the artificial lake, more than an hour's boat ride upriver from the dam, visitors can see beautiful lowland mixed dipterocarp forest, with drooping trees overhanging the rivers. River transport is the main mode of communication here. The rivers are fast flowing, clear and very refreshing. During dry periods, the water level gets quite low and visitors have to help push their boats upstream - an enjoyable experience. Another major attraction upriver is the Iban longhouses. Visitors can get to experience the authentic longhouse atmosphere as most of the longhouse dwellers still practice their traditional lifestyle. At the moment, the National Parks does not have any visitor facilities yet. The visitor will have to stay at the nearby longhouse. There are five trails in Batang Ai which showcase every aspect of the park’s terrain and vegetation, such as mixed dipterocarp forest, old secondary forest and active shifting cultivations areas, with ancient burial grounds scattered around the area.

Tour Information:
  • Day 1:

    Depart from Kuching to theBatang Ai, roughly 5 hours by road. The journey passes through countryside scenery, small towns, paddy fields, rubber and paper plantations, sago palms, secondary and primary forest, and past rugged jungle-covered mountains. Along the way make a stop at Serian Native Market, Pepper garden & stop for lunch break.Upon arrival at the Batang Ai Jetty you will be transferred to a wooden native longboat to go upstream through fast-flowing the rapids and cool thick overhanging jungle foliage, to arrive at the Iban longhouse after about an hour. Feel free to join in the Ibans’ daily chores such as making baskets and mats, mending fishing nets and feeding their livestock, or join them for a swim in the river. In the evening, after a dinner feast freshly cooked from traditional jungle produce, join the Ibans in their traditional dances or join the chief for a glass or two of tuak (rice wine) before retiring for the night.

  • Day 2:

    After breakfast, proceed by longboat for a 2 hours boat ride to arrive at the Batang Ai National Park. Upon arrive reqister at the park HQ then proceed to the campsite. With the help of your guide and the Iban tracker construct your camp then have lunch by the river bank. After lunch trek one of the park walking trail in search of the wild orang utan and other wildlife. Return to the camp for dinner and overnight.

  • Day 3:

    After Breakfast, break camp then by longboat and land transport return to Kuching.