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Kuching City Tour
Weekend Market
Sarawak River Cruise
Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre
Matang Wildlife Centre
Crocodile Farm & Mini Zoo
Fairy Cave & Wind Cave
Sarawak Cultural Village
Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse
Gunung Gading National Park
Bako National Park ( day trip )
Bako National Park ( 2D / 1N )
Niah national Park ( from Miri - day trip )
Niah national Park ( from Miri - 2D / 1N )
Mulu 4 Show Caves ( from Mulu - 2D / 1N )
Mulu 4 Show Caves ( from Mulu - 3D / 2N )
Mulu 4 Show Caves + Pinnacles ( from Mulu - 4D / 3N )
Mulu Caves + Pinnacles + Headhunter's Trail ( from Mulu - 5D / 4N )
Lemanak River Iban Longhouse ( day trip )
Lemanak River Iban Longhouse ( 2D / 1N )
Lemanak River Iban Longhouse ( 3D / 2N )
Ulu Lemanak River Iban Longhouse (4D / 3N )
Batang Ai National Park
Dolphin Cruising
Wildlife Cruising
Rainforest Kayaking
Lemanak River Iban Longhouse & Hilton Resort (2D / 1N)
Lemanak River Iban Longhouse & Hilton Resort (3D / 2N)
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